1896 Bicycle Ordinance

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Akron Beacon Journal – 11 July 1896

There is an ordinance in the village of Cuyahoga Falls prohibiting the public from using Front Street for bicycle riding, and the mayor is seeing that this law is recognized. The ordinance reads that wheelmen shall not ride upon the sidewalk on this thoroughfare between Clifford Inn on the north side of town and Chestnut Street on the south.

Yesterday afternoon a young man of Akron was noticed violating this rdinance and was arrested by Marshal Williams and taken before Mayor Felmy, where he received a fine of $1 and costs.

This is a well preserved original 1896 Eclipse bicycle with a unique “spoon brake” for the rear wheel that is actuated by back-pedaling, much like how a coaster brake works.



Other bicycle tidbits:

The record of quickest bicycle run from top of Howard Street hill, Akron, to the Falls was broken yesterday by Howard Pyle and Charley Taylor, who made the run in 22 minutes.

The Summit County Beacon – 16 Sept 1885


The Cuyahoga Falls Bicycle Club now numbers four, Will Taylor and Fred Rodd having lately joined.

The Summit County Beacon – 13 Aug 1884