1966-1971 Aerial Views of Glens, Gorge & River

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IMG_00041970 – From Silver Lake – Cuyahoga Falls border, looking southwest down the Cuyahoga River. Bridge to the River Estates is in the lower left corner. Hudson Drive and Bailey Road bridges are in the lower left center. The railroad track angles through the lower right quadrant.


IMG_00051966. Looking southwest down the gorge from downtown Cuyahoga Falls. The Chuckery bed can faintly be seen on the left side of the gorge. A puff of smoke is from the power plant on the top right quadrant. Both bridges were still standing across the river at the power plant.


IMG_00071967. Looking west across the gorge from the eastern side of Cuyahoga Falls. Plum of smoke from the power plan is at the left edge. Diplomat Apartments and high-level bridge are at right center. The Ohio Edison right-of-way (Chuckery bed) can be faintly seen going to the right of the power plant down the gorge toward the high-level bridge.


IMG_00061966. Same view as #3 above, but closer to the power plant. The Ohio Edison right-of-way (Chuckery) can be seen through the gsaorge to the right of the power plant, heading toward the high-level bridge. The Diplomat Apartments are at the upper right center.


1971a1971. Looking northeast up the gorge from above the power plant. This is the opposite view of the second photo. Starting in the upper left corner, bridges are Portage Trail, Broad Boulevard, and Prospect Street. The Chuckery bed can be faintly seen in places along the right side of the gorge.

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Photos from Robert Cunningham