Cuyahoga Falls Grand Army of the Republic G.A.R. Eadie Post

Akron Beacon Journal – May 31, 1922

During the Civil War, Cuyahoga Falls sent a very large number of men to the front. Battery D of the Ohio First Artillery was largely made up of men from the Falls and vicinity. The last two men surviving from this Artillery in Ohio were Dr. W. S. Hough and Josiah Brown. Among these soldiers from Cuyahoga Falls who became noted were the Eadie boys who lost their lives in the service. The G. A. R. Post of Cuyahoga Falls, formed June 8th, 1867, was named the Eadie Post after John, James and Henry Eadie. James and John died as a result of the Sultana Disaster and Henry succumbed to disease.


Akron Beacon Journal – May 25, 1920


This photo was recently given to us by the Stow Library/Historical Society. Pre 1900.