1874 Directory of Businesses & Proprietors

Name Location Settled Nativity Business or Trade
Adams, Thomas Sackett St. 1862 Ireland Farmer
Allen, G.L. Portage St. 1842 Ohio Farmer
Allen & Co., W.A. Front St. 1857 Ohio Carriage & wagon manufacturers
Brannan, E.B. Front St. 1863 Ohio Printer
Brankmann, E.E. Second St. 1869 Germany Superintendent wire mill
Boys, L. W. Front St. 1849 Vermont Barber
Babcock, A. Third St. 1836 Connecticut Manufacturer sash, doors and blinds
Bucklin, N.B. Fourth St. 1867 New York Wire Maker
Brown, S. Front St. 1831 Pennsylvania Furniture Dealer
Brewster, E.R. Front St. 1851 Ohio Tinner
Babcock, E.L. Fall St. 1839 Ohio Manu. Doors & Blinds
Byrne, W.P. Fall St. 1847 Ohio Dentist
Bethel, F.W. Front St. 1843 Ohio Tinsmith
Crabb, John Third St. 1867 England Boot & Shoe Dealer
Culver, Z. Cor. 2nd & Wadsworth 1847 Pennsylvania Farmer
Comstock, Samuel Second St. 1847 New York Merchant
Camp, Cook & Co. River St. 1851 Ohio Sewer Pipe Manu.
Clapp, A. Elm St. 1841 Ohio Grocer
Carter, H.W. North St. 1841 Ohio Physician & Surgeon
Crane, W.B. Front St. 1847 Ohio Paper Manu.
Cochran, J.S. Reed St. 1837 Ohio Blacksmith
Davis, C.A. Second St. 1865 New York Printer
Dow, Geo. L. Front St. 1843 Ohio Insurance Agent
Dailey, A. Fourth St. 1855 Ohio Paper Maker
Duncan, J.F. Broad St. 1849 Scotland Farmer
Donihue, D. River St. 1852 Ohio Carriage Manu.
Dailey, W.H. Front St. 1840 Ohio Carriage Manu.
Davis, F. North St. 1865 New Jersey Farmer
Entsminger, J.R. Main St. 1862 Ohio Carriage Maker
Fosdick, D. Resort St. 1874 New York Proprietor Big Falls Hotel
Gray, E. Front St. 1865 New York Jeweler
Germain, L.J. School St. 1873 New York Civil Engineer
Grant, H.C. River St. 1855 Connecticut Farmer
Griswold, W.M. River St. 1843 Connecticut Freight & ticket agent
Heath, F.S. Front St. 1851 Connecticut Druggist
Head, N. Front St. 1851 Kentucky Clothier
Hickling, F.W. Front St. 1873 England Harness Maker
Hubbard, A.R. Front St. 1855 Massachusetts Carpenter and Farmer
Heath, T.F. Portage St. 1851 Connecticut Physician & Surgeon
Harrison, J.B. Portage 1848 New York Farmer
Loomis, L.W. Newbury 1864 New York Hardware Merchant
L’Hommedieu, T.P. Fourth 1853 Ohio Book Keeper
Humphrey, C.P. Second 1840 Ohio Attorney
Hommedian, G.L. Portage 1836 Conn Grocer
Hanford, Chas. Broad 1842 Ohio Paper Manufacturer
Hinde, John Third 1856 Engand Bagging Manufacturer
Hennen, A Portage 1848 Scotland Farmer
Hitchcock, W.L. Northampton 1856 Ohio Machinist
Huddleson, G.M. Main 1862 New York Machinist
James, L.E. Cor Portage & Third 1850 Ohio Manufacturer tower clocks and machinery
Jones, Joseph, Jr. Newbury 1848 England Blacksmith
Knox, E.O. Fourth 1851 New York Editor
Keeny, C.J. Front 1864 Ireland Proprietor of restaurant
Kittelberger, C. Front 1866 Germany Farmer
Lodge, George H Fourth 1829 New Jersey Fruit Grower
Newman, Esther Front 1854 Ohio Milliner
Norton, P.L. Front 1829 Ohio Grocer
Owen, David Main 1850 Ohio Carriage Maker
Perry, John F Cor Portage 1856 New York Proprietor Perry House
Peebles, Jas. W. Portage 1849 New Jersey Railroad conductor
Parks, Turner & Co Front 1856 —– Manufacturers
Post, W.M Main 1843 Mass Livery
Parks, Geo & Bro Front 1859 —— Dealers in hardware
Ruggles, E.C. Second 1873 Ohio Attorney
Reid, J.N. Second 1852 Vermont Carriage Maker
Rice, Geo W. Front 1845 Ohio Book Keeper
Sill, E. Front 1829 Conn Retired
Shumway, D Third 1860 Mass Postmaster & Druggist
Sackett, Geo Second 1838 Conn Farmer
Thomas, R.J. Fourth 1857 Wales Stoneware Manufacturer
Tifft, Horace Second 1843 Ohio Butcher
Turner, E.W. Front 1819 Ohio Proprietor of Livery
Upson, C.N. Fourth 1853 Ohio Miller
Wetmore, H. Front 1804 Conn Retired
Wallace, J.H. Second 1870 N. Hampshire Manufacturer Wooden Ware
Weidner Cor 2nd & Fall 1850 Germany Cooper
Weir, John Front 1842 Ireland Plasterer
Wheeler, A.N. Front 1854 Ohio Carpenter and Joiner