1860 Cuyahoga Falls Businesses

Population: 1300

Constable – John Addie, D.N. Loury

Justice of the Peace – W. Lawson, P.G. Somers (also physician)

Ministers – Rev. Chezbrow (Methodist), Rev. T. Clark (Congregational), Rev. N. Hayner (Methodist), Rev. L.L. Holden (E.P.)

General Stores – Comstock & Brother, H.C. Lockwood, S. Pease

Grocery Stores – O.B. Beebe, I. Lewis, E.S. Rockwell, C. Smith

Merchant & Postmaster – J. L’Hommedieu

Merchant Tailor – E. Adams, N. Head

Dentist – C.P. Bailey

Physician – C.W. Rice, P.G. Somers

Druggists (Pharmacist) – F.S. Heath & Co,

American House (Hotel) – H. Dowd

Stoves & Tinware – H.N. Gillett, D. Parks & Bro.

Millner – Miss Ellen McGrath

Boot & Shoe Makers – H. Plum, S. Wills

Painter – P.J. Lee

Saloon & Confectionary – A.J. Konkel

Ambrotype (photo) Gallery – A.W. Green

Harness Maker – C.S. Starr

High School Superintendent – H.K. Taylor

Manufacturers of Smut Mills (grain) – Parks, Turner & Co.

From George W. Hawes Ohio Gazetteer and Business Directory; 1860-61

Drug Stores

F. S. Heath & Co.

Old and reliable drug house, with everything that the name implies, “to which has recently been added a full line of school books, stationary, etc.”  1920 Yearbook

John L. Longshore

 drugs, stationery, paints, oils, etc., South Front Street

 F. Schnee & Co.

 (F. Schnee and M. S. Kirk), drugs, books, stationery, oils, paints, etc., South Front Street.


Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years by Millions of mothers for their children while teething with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is  the best  remedy for diarrhea. Sold  by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five Cents a bottle.


Prices 1891
Cheese 12 Cents
Butter 25 Cents
Eggs 12 Cents per Dozen
Live Chickens $2.50 per Dozen
Dressed Chicken 12 Cents per Pound
Ladies Kid Gloves 75 Cents
Ladies Made-up Skirts 50 Cents

Perry L Norton
Front street, home and table supplies, choice groceries, teas, coffees, sugars, syrups, illuminating oils, notions, etc.

Arthur I Lewis
Dealer in staple groceries and provisions, country produce, etc., Front street.

George F. Callahan
Groceries and provisions, Front Street

Towler & Inskeep
Dry Goods, Front Street

B. B. McConnaughey
Standard and fancy dry goods, South Front Street

Cleveland & Company
Dealers in choice family groceries and provisions, country produce, etc., South Front Street

W. L. Udall
Groceries and family supplies, South Front Street

William M. Smith
Front Street, near Town Hall, dealer in groceries and provisions.

Captain Pease’s Drygoods Store
occupied the northeast corner of Portage Trail and Front Street across from the American House. This same corner was later occupied by L. W. Loomis Hardware.


W. L. Kittleberger, tanner and currier, successor to Christian Kittleberger, manufacturer of calf, kip and harness leather. 200 sides per week.

James Haver, practical saddler and dealer in light and heaviness, robes, nets, saddlers’ hardware, oils, etc.

George W. Blackburn, Front Street, first class custom saddle and harness work, and dealer in horse furnishing goods, bridles, blankets, trunks, etc.

Machine Companies

Variety Works-The Turner, Vaughn & Taylor Company
Established in 1856 and Incorporated on Jan 11, 1889
William A Taylor, president; George W Rice, secretary; C W Vaughn, superintendent
Manufactured: clay-working, wire-drawing, paper mill, chain, hydraulic, steam and other machinery. Men employed 45-50.

The Falls Rivet and Machine Company
E L Babcock, president; J A Long, vice president; H J Stambaugh, secretary; Samuel Higgs, treasurer; manufacturers of patent steel-rim pulleys, friction clutch couplings and pulleys, shafting, hangers, power transmitting machinery, rivets, riveting burrs, small washers, etc; new three story brick shop, 62×174 feet; about 250 hands employed.

Located where Portage Trail Bridge is now
Left to Right: Tom Ostrander, Eddie Brodie, Otto Heist, Louie Burstom, Albert Louisinsky, John Brechs, Charlie Walker, Ernie Porter, Billy Herdman

Meat Markets

George C. Tifft

General family meat market, dealer in fresh and salt meats, fish, etc., South Front Street.

N. A. Bucklin

General Meat Market and family supplies, South Front Street

 Roethig Brothers  (William W. and Edward L.)

Meat Market, dealers in choice meats, fish, etc., South Front Street

Hardware Stores

Lewis W. Loomis

Corner of Front and Portage streets, stoves, tin, sheet-iron and copper ware, crockery, glassware, notions, etc. with five and ten cent store attached; reliable and prosperous establishment.


On the building were ads such as: Beckwith’s Round Oak Stoves, Moore’s air tight heaters, The Sherwin Williams Paint covers the earth, Climax stoves and ranges, and Born steel ranges.


Early 1900’s


Joseph R. Sapp

 Front street, south of Portage, full line of staple hardware, cutlery, paints, oils, furnishing goods, etc.


David H Jones
Confectioner, Front Street, manufacturer of all kinds of candies and pastry, and serves to order, oysters, ice cream, etc.

Joseph Brand
Confectioner, Barber, etc. South Front Street

John Eichenberger
Confectioner, Baker, etc., South Front Street

F. Chart
Dealer in fruits, candies, etc., South Front Street