Broad Street School June 1940

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Broad Street School

440 Broad Boulevard

Broad Street Elementary School sat between Fourth and Fifth Streets was built/opened in 1908 (some reports say September of 1909). Additions to the school were in 1913 and 1959. Broad Street School was closed and then leveled in 1968.

*I’m not sure what order these are in, I’ve typed them up as they are on the back of the photo.

Don Phillips, Robert Grant, Duke Jones, Jack Swain, Ellis Good, Don Kocher, Robert Baumgardner, Bill McDowell, Dick Mayer, Dean Freese, Art Stevens, Robert Horn, Marion Griffith, Robert Sokol, Maxine Reese, Eugene L. Shank (Teacher), Lloyd Slaughter, Donald Beacham, Earl Wolfe, John Cooper.

Gretchen Goodwin, Helen Christopherson, Jo Marie Blazer, Margaret Wills, Betty Lou Franklin, Earl Shaw, Irene Latsch, Edwina Miller, Dick Bales, Eugene Sandusky, Delores Mosser, Jack Crawford, Mary Scupholm, Helen Francisco, Marcy Huston, Nancy Volk, Jeneveive Billma (teacher), Richard a. Watkins (teacher), Mary Jean Rothman. 

Marilyn Miller, Nina Wolcott (teacher), Mamie E. Barber (teacher), Grace Markwalder (teacher), Elizabeth McDade (teacher), Ralph Corl (Principal), Robert Smith, Jimmy Flowler.


Below: Another photo taken at the same time, in two separate parts.