Searlhurst Golf Course

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Searlhurst was opened by the Searl Family. Anna M. Searl, the widow of Dr. William A Searl of the Fair Oaks Villa, operated the business with the help of her sons William and at times Howard, a local doctor.

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Akron City Directory 1938-39.

Searlhurst Golf Course, 601 Tallmadge Road.

Managers:William Searl

Residents: Mrs. A.M. Searl, Thomas G. McKenna. WA-2731

Akron City Directory 1939-40.

Searlhurst Golf Course, 601 Tallmadge Road.

Managers: William (& Margaret) Searl

Residents: Anna M Searl (wid of Dr. Wm Searl), Dr. Howard Searl.

Akron City Directory 1941-42.

Searlhurst Golf Course, 601 Tallmadge Road

Manager: William D. (& Elizabeth) Searl

Residents: A. Horton Searl, Anna M. Searl, Dr. Howard Searl

Akron City Directory 1943.

Anna M Searl (wid of Dr. Wm A. Searl) moved to 639 Broad Boulevard.

Dr. Howard Searl became physician in the Army but listed 639 Broad Boulevard as home.

William (and wife Margaret) also resides at 639 Broad Boulevard and is employed at Brookledge Golf Course.

Searlhurst Golf Course is no longer listed.