The Brown & Whipple Families

Whipple House

Mrs. Josiah Brown sitting on the porch of her home located on Broad between 2nd and 3rd Streets. (Library employee parking lot behind the gas station.)

Simon Brown , a 1834 settler, was the first cabinet-maker and undertaker in Cuyahoga Falls. He also ran an apprentice shop for cabinet makers.

Simon Brown built the old homestead on Broad Boulevard two years after his arrival and set up his furniture business on Front Street under the name Simon Brown Furniture Store. After serving in the war Simon’s son Josiah returned to the Falls and worked in the woodworking department at the Turner, Vaughn and Taylor company. He then took over his fathers furniture and undertaking businesses. Upon Josiah’s retirement, the furniture business was passed on to his son-in-law Charles Horton Whipple.

Family Reunion 1903

1903 Family Reunion. Front Row: Josiah Brown, wife Emily, Irwin Warner on the lap of his grandfather W.W. Warner, Mary Baldwin, Ann Warner, and Harriet Frances. Second Row: Byrdana, Mabel Warner, Frank Manchester, Nina Manchester, and Josie Warner.

Charles’ wife Byrdana Whipple continued living in the old homestead on Broad along with her daughter Carol for many years while knitting upscale ladies clothing that was well-known nationwide.

Byrdana Brown Whipple

Here Byrdana Whipple is posing in one of her own creations.

Byrdana Whipple operated her business, Byrdana’s Hand Knitted Apparel, out of a shop in her home on Broad. Ms. Whipple was known professionally as Madam Byrdana. Her husband C. Horton Whipple operated Whipple Furniture Company on Front Street. Both enterprises were very popular and well-known.

Carol Whipple

Here, Carol Whipple, daughter of Byrdana and C. Horton Whipple poses in one of her mothers hand-knitted dresses.

Brown Whipple House

Brown/Whipple Home in later years. Notice the Taylor Memorial Library on the left.

The Whipple residence was originally built in 1836 by Josiah Brown and stood at 227 Broad Boulevard. Carol Whipple spent her later years attempting to save her ancestral home from being demolished. She hoped that it would one day be a museum. However, it was unable to be saved and it was razed in 1999. Byrdana’s hand knitted dresses, artifacts and documents from the home are located both in the Cuyahoga Falls Library’s Local History Room and at the Cuyahoga Falls Historical Society Museum.

Carol may not have succeeded in her last goal but we remember her for her efforts and her hope to preserve history.

Whipple Blue Dress  Dress museum  Peach Dress






Family Line

Simon Brown (1811-1895) & Elizabeth Pontious Brown (1817-1901)

Josiah Brown (1839- ) & Lucy Warner Brown (1841- )

Byrdana Brown Whipple (1877-1964) & Charles Horton Whipple (1880-1959)

Carol B. Whipple (1913-1998)


** Both photos of the Whipple home are noted as such however, they look very different.

On the third photo of the article above shows Josiah Brown and some other memorabilia.